Bubble Leveler Mapping Thread for PMU and Microblading Eyebrow Design


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Bubble Leveler Mapping Thread for PMU and Microblading Eyebrow Design

Model No.:MS03
material:Aluminium and Cotton Thread

About this item
New Design Featuring Bubble Leveler for Eyebrow Mapping Tool: the design of eyebrow mapper works in the same way as a spirit level. Provides permanent makeup artists with the ultimate in balance and straight lines.
Essential & Perfect Eyebrow Mapping Tool: this eyebrow bow mapper is an essential part of your microblading kit, whether you are pmu beginner, professional or home user. Creating the perfect brows by using this eyebrow mapping thread without guess work.
Eyebrow Bow Mapper Tool with String: precise, straight lines are piority when creating symmetrical eyebrows. The eyebrow mapper shaped like a bow will help to define the correct angles and draw perfect lines when planning out threading and filling in brows with pencil.
Safe for All Skin Types: the eyebrows mapping tool is certified safe which made with toxic-free, premium materials. No irritation even the most sentitive skin types. Perfect Choice for professional makeup kit.
Used with PRE-CUT Strings or individually packed Strings: get started with your eyebrow mapping thread tool by using pre-cut threading strings which insert into the bow. Ink the strings and you’re ready to become a master of the brow.

Product Features:

Made from quality tested, certified materials.
The mapping tools is non-irritating for all skin types.
Designed to be comfortable to hold with a strong tension on the string. Easy to use.
Our eyebrow bow mapper tool provides precise, straight lines for curved, straight, feathered or thin eyebrows.
New Design Featuring Bubble Leveler, provides pmu artists with the ultimate in balance and straight lines.
The bow design will mark out symmetrical brows on any shape with ease.
Black/Silver eyebrow mapping kit are perfect for using on all face shapes-round, square, oval or heart-shaped.
Popular gift idea for beauty professionals and beauty enthusiasts

Watch a video on how to use it here

Package Included:

1pc X Black Eyebrow Mapper Tool with Bubble Leveler
1coil X Strings
1pc X Suction Tube
1bag X Strings


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